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Party Time Mixes - Party Time Mixes offers easy to make party cocktail drink, dip, and dessert food mixes. Buy. Host. Join. Get paid to party by becoming am independent consultant and start a home business of your own!  

Party Time Mixes - Party Time Mixes offers easy to make party cocktail drink, dip, and dessert food mixes. Buy. Host. Join. Get paid to party by becoming am independent consultant and start a home business of your own! All of our cocktail, dip and dessert mixes are super versatile which means they can be used in so many different ways! The recipe options are literally endless! We are STILL finding new creative ways to use our scrumptious mixes everyday!

All of our easy to make mixes are intended to make YOUR life easier while offering a nutritious option for your family that's delicious too! Since our mixes DO NOT contain ANY alcohol at all... they are great for the whole family to enjoy!

Cocktail mixes can be made into ALCOHOL-FREE yummy kiddie cocktails, slushies, shakes, smoothies, snow cones and popsicles! You can even use them as coffee/tea flavoring or desserts! Mix with alcohol to make fun "adult" cocktails like martinis, margaritas, daiquiris, mimosas, bellinis or shots! You can even create beer cocktails with our cocktail mixes!

Dip mixes can be made into dips (cold & hot), spreads, dry rubs, cheeseballs, sauces, dressings, soups, dipping oils, marinades/gravy, meat seasonings, veggie, rice, potato or casserole seasonings & more!

Dessert mixes can be made into fruit dips, no-bake cheesecakes, mousses, cupcake/cake frostings, fondues, drizzles, fillings, parfaits, coatings, cheeseballs, spreads, coffee/hot tea creamers & more!

Nutritional facts, ingredients & preparation recipes are on the product detail pages under each mix photo.

Extra recipes showing the versatility of the mixes are on the recipes link under each mix photo.

The Health Factor
Everyone should pay attention to what food products they are consuming.

100% Natural Ingredients.
No Preservatives or Fillers.
Real Dehydrated Food.
USDA & FDA Approved.
Alcohol Free. Egg Free.
Made In The USA.
Yeast Extract Free.
Fructose Free.
Sulfite Free.
Casein Free.
Made In A Nut-free Facility.
Wheat, Corn & Rice Free.
Whey, Rye & Barley Free.
MSG Free. & GMO Free.
Honey Free. Gluten Free.

Know The Specifics
Manufactured MSG does not exist in any of our mixes, but some may contain natural MSG that exists in foods such as cheeses or tomatoes. Mixes listed as gluten free, do not contain gluten; however, they are not prepared in a gluten free certified dedicated kitchen. Our mixes are NOT Vegan because they are not specifically made using non-animal byproduct (like milk, meat, eggs, etc.). Our mixes are NOT Kosher because no specific measures are taken regarding the Jewish faith in preparing the mixes. Our mixes are NOT considered Organic because they are not specifically made using only organic food ingredients. A full disclosure of ingredients in a mix is on it's package label and also listed on it's product details page.

While most of our mixes have 100% natural ingredients, there are a few exceptions. The 100% statement is speaking of the fact that almost all of our mixes are made with real dehydrated FDA & USDA approved 100% natural food ingredients that's ground up and blended together to create a dry mix. There are mixes such as the bacon mixes that contain imitation bacon in them instead of real bacon because we can NOT use real bacon due to the salmonella possibilities and oil content in the products. The gelatin referenced in the ingredients are vegetable based not beef or pork based. We do not use yeast extract or autolyzed yeast extract in any of the mixes. The sugar referenced in the mix ingredients are from either beet or cane sugars. All sugar free products contain stevia sweetener. When dealing with food, put safety first!

Mix Serving Sizes
Mix serving sizes can be found on the product details pages under each mix photo.
Cocktails Yield: Four 8 oz. Glasses or 32 oz.       Dips Yield: 2 Cups Dip
Desserts Yield: One 9 Inch Pie or 12 Cupcakes or 3 Cups Sweet Dip

Best By Date
All mixes come with a “Best By” date stamped directly on them, which is different than an expiration date. An expiration date means “do not use a product after a certain date” and is usually for foods that have ingredients that can spoil. The “Best By” date means it is guaranteed fresh up until that date! The mix can still be used after that date, but may not taste as fresh depending on the mix. The older the mix is the less fresh it will be, but all mixes should still be usable up to 1 year after the “Best By” date, possibly longer.

Unprepared (dry mix unused & still in package): 1 year from the best by date. You can use our mixes (packaged/unprepared) past the 1 year, yes, even if they are 2 years old; however, they won't be as fresh. If mix package seal is broken (seal keeping the dry mix in plastic bag), DO NOT consume! Safety first!

Prepared (dry mix NO longer still in package): The ingredients used to prepare the mixes (cream cheese, sour cream, etc.) are protected by a seal so the expiration date is often 7 days once the seal is broken on the ingredients you use in preparation of making the mix. You should follow the basic perishable food guidelines by going by what you used to prepare the mix. If in question, DO NOT consume! Safety first!

Please be sure our packaged mix products are stored in a dry/moisture controlled environment.

Be Aware Of Food Allergies
We can not stress enough how important it is for you to know what ingredients exist in each mix. If you have a food allergy and you are concerned if one of our mixes is safe for you to consume, please click the product details link below every mix photo to get that mixes' nutritional facts and an ingredient list! If still in question, please contact us or one of our consultants to ask questions before buying the mix in question.

Anyone with severe food allergies should not consume our mixes. Allergy information listed for all of our mixes is contingent on each mix's ingredients ONLY and does not take any other recipe ingredients into consideration (i.e. juices, cream cheese, meats, vegetables, sour cream, fruits, eggs, nuts, mayo, etc.).

About The Party Time Mixes Company
Party Time Mixes - Party Time Mixes offers easy to make party cocktail drink, dip, and dessert food mixes. Buy. Host. Join. Get paid to party by becoming am independent consultant and start a home business of your own! Party Time Mixes officially opened it's doors on March 1st and we have been quickly growing ever since! Party Time Mixes is a family run business that's owned and operated by Lisa and Tony Miraglia. The Miraglia family is a big loving family consisting of Lisa, Tony and our 5 amazing kids! Together we run the Party Time Mixes Home Office!

Together we are revolutionizing the way Direct Sales Companies operate! You will be able to see this in the changes we are making to how their Party Time Mixes direct sales business operates through the conveniences the Independent Consultants have available to them as they work their Party Time Mixes consultant home businesses!

The Party Time Mixes home office is always buzzing with energetic processing and preparation of mixes, gathering of mixes to fill orders, validation of orders and shipment of orders! Each of the children play their part in Party Time Mixes! The best thing about Party Time Mixes is that we treat all of the Mixologists as family and have the goal to build a very large financially free Party Time Mixes community! At the rate that Party Time Mixes is growing, financial freedom won't take long!

The Party Time Mixes Mission Statement
We believe in the empowerment of ALL people!

We believe in helping everyone feel confident,
strong and in charge of their own destiny!

We encourage all people to embrace their inner strength, share their
knowledge and come together in true joy for each other's SUCCESS!

We are together in business! We lift each other up and when we lift
others; we lift ourselves! Together; anything truly IS possible!

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